ECM College


In a face of economical slow-down investing in your educational growth significantly increases your chance for a successful career path. The ECM College is committed to the provision of high quality third-level education and professional training that significantly improves the employment choices for its students.


To research, design and deliver world-class education, supporting individuals in their personal growth and professional development through knowledge creation, global networking and multicultural experiences.


In order to meet our students’ needs we offer business, marketing, tourism courses as well as intensive training in English and other languages. Our offer includes a wide range of evening diplomas, full-time graduate and postgraduate diplomas that will suit your schedule and meet your expectations. We provide students with professionally designed courses, nurturing and devoted lecturers who are experts in their fields and are particularly sensitive to students needs.


ECM College is conveniently located in a heart of Dublin, across the street from Jervis shopping centre, within a walking distance to main banks, government institutions and cultural amenities. That creates an ideal atmosphere for students of ECM who can enjoy their academic and personal life at the same time.